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Welcome - About Me (Also see Consultations)

Photo James OcchiogrossoMy full-time working career began in 1959 when I graduated college in NYC with an Electrical Engineering degree. I worked in that field for about 25 years. In 1971, I formed my own engineering consulting company and I have been a self-employed consultant since then.

My publishing experience began in the early 1970's with a  featured technical article in Research and Development magazine.  I continued to publish in the technical field (mostly computer programming) with numerous articles. In the early 1990s, I also published a several books on computer programming, some of which are still available. My latest book "Your Prostate, Your Libido, Your Life" can be purchased from the Welcome area of the "Men's Health" site.  It's a great gift for the man in your life!  

I began studying natural health in the early 1990s due to some minor erectile dysfunction and urinary problems. for more details on this, see the "About Me" page of the Men's Health site.

With time, my research become pretty intense, and I decided to sign up for a formal program at the Trinity College of Natural Health in Warsaw, Indiana where I received certificates as a Doctor of Naturopathy, Master Herbalist, and Nutritional Consultant. 

My main push, at that time though, was to help my wife. She had been having health problems for several years and was  diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Polymyositis and some other conditions. I had difficulty believing that she had so many serious health problems, and a greater difficulty believing that the dozen or so medications prescribed for her were actually helping anything.

The breaking point was when she came home one day from a visit to a new doctor who added three more prescription medications to her already overloaded medication regimen.

I started to do some research on the medications she was taking and found that many of her symptoms could be attributed to the side effects of the medications.

Making a long story short, little by little she eliminated many of the medications she was taking and started improving her diet and taking nutritional supplements under my guidance. About twenty years have now passed and she is considerably healthier then she was then, as well as off most of the medications. 

Like myself, she takes many nutritional and herbal supplements which have most certainly contributed to her better overall health.  She is now active an relatively healthy though still dealing with deleterious long-term effects of some of the medications she had been taking.


Friends Jim Occhiogrosso and Jim Milliken playing racquetball. (Photo by Lindsay Terry/news-press.com)My primary hobby is racquetball. I am an high-level racquetball player and have been playing several times a week for about 30 years. I also like to bike, swim, and occasionally scuba dive.  Click the photo to read the accompanying article in the Fort Myers News-Press.

My non-physical hobby is medical research as is obvious with the nearly 500 studies referenced in my book. 

I have been with to my wife Gerry for about 35 years, and we have five children and twelve  grandchildren. 

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