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Welcome - Disclaimer

The information in my book and on this website is for educational purposes only. It is not intended—in any way—to substitute for the advice or treatment of a medical professional.  If you have any condition that requires diagnosis or treatment you should consult with a licensed medical practitioner. 

Some symptoms that might be considered to be menopausal along with sexual and urinary symptoms can indicate serious problems like uterine, ovarian, or bladder cancer which are not self treatable.

The female part of this website is designed primarily for women that want to learn more about menopause and other female conditions, as well to provide information about female hormone and hormone balancing and the problems caused by hormone imbalances that typically tend to occur as women age.

Please note that I am not a medical doctor, and nothing contained herein should, in any way, be construed to be medical advice, nor should anything on this site be used to take the place of a licensed medical practitioner.

Links to news information and links to other sites are presented for the user to easily find information, and are presented "as is" with no endorsement of the target site. Use your discretion when reading articles or getting information from these sites.  I have tried to provide as much useful information as possible, and have only linked to sites I consider valuable, but I have no control or interest in any external website linked to from here.