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Note: As of July 31, 2016 my signup list consists entirely of men. So, until further notice, (or we get some ladies to sign on), the newsletter will only cover male and general health issues. 

Note2: As of Sept 12, 2016 I terminated the fee-based research newsletter due to lack of a sufficient number of folks signing-up to make it financially feasible. For the foreseeable future, I will be issuing a once per month general newsletter.


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Men's Issues Prostate and urinary problems, Erectile Dysfunction, Benign Prostate Hyperplasia, Prostate cancer.
Woman's Issues Breast Cancer, Breast lumps, Uterine/ovarian fibroids, Menopausal symptoms, Vaginal dryness
General Health News on vitamins, minerals, herbs, and supplements for maintaining health
Sexual Issues
Lack of orgasm, Loss of Libido, Other Orgasm problems, Hormone deficiencies, Hormone Imbalances
Cardiac Issues Atrial fibrillation, Coronary artery disease, Heart failure, Irregular heartbeat, Heart attack, Cardiovascular Fitness.
Drug Warnings Timely information on drug warnings issued by the FDA plus latest news about new side effects. 
Other: High cholesterol, High blood pressure, shingles, gallbladder problems, gout, Thyroid issues, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Hair Loss, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Osteoporosis and other bone disorders, Vision Disorders, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Leukemia and misc. blood disorders, Diabetes, Health scams, And, ... much, much more.

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And, after about 20 years of practical experience, I am a pretty good judge of the type of articles that will interest you.  And, as a member, just send me an email about any general health topic that you are interested in and I'll do my best to incorporate it.

No wasted time to searching for information!
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More than eighty percent of Internet searches are for health information. How many times have you spent hours on the Internet looking for specific information on a health issue that is troubling you, only to find you have wasted plenty of time and you still haven't found it?

Articles from well-vetted professional sources.

Did your Internet search find the information you wanted, but it was misleading or outright wrong? Or, -- ad copy trying to sell you something? Our articles are culled from well-vetted professional sources, not from advertising copy or websites trying to sell you a product!   

What If - Your drug gets a new FDA warning?
You'll know about it before you see it on the news!
 Before you need to call your lawyer! 

A new FDA drug warning, or an FDA advisory, or a series of harmful events posted in the FDA's adverse event database, might mean the difference between life and death. We have a good idea of what drugs our clients take, and we watch for news about them. 

No politics! No advertising!  

How many times have you waited for a website to load up a host of pop-up advertisements. I do not permit advertising or political jargon anywhere on my website. All articles are related to health and these emails are exclusive to members.

Email Releases Guaranteed Weekly!

The email frequency is typically weekly, but may be sooner if I see articles of critically high interest. If an important article comes out that may benefit you, it will go out immediately. (Example: a new cancer test or a warning about a common drug.)  Each email contains an introductory paragraph or two summarizing the content of the articles and pointing out specific areas of interest. The email body consists of descriptive article headings, with each heading a clickable link to its source so you can quickly pick and choose the items you want to read.

You get a wealth of news and current health information each week!

A minimum of 10 articles are published to you each week with links to their original sources, many of which contain commentary and links to other related articles. 

Targeted Monthly Emails!

About once each month, you will receive a topic specific email with the topic chosen from the most popular entries entered in the comments area when you register. 

And, on top of all this, you get one-on-one personal interface!  

Since I review each of these articles before publishing them, any member is free to request clarification of something in an article by email. I will personally answer all questions in a timely manner.

Membership in the program is only $8.50 per month.

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