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Androgen deficiency and treatment
Testosterone For Older Men
Herbal Solutions for BPH
Natural Progesterone and BPH
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August 2nd, 2008
Welcome to the first issue of 
"Health Naturally"
I plan on publishing this newsletter regularly with interesting tidbits of natural health from many different sources for both men and women.  Please enjoy it and feel free to email me with any comments, suggestions or requests, -- and, if you like this newsletter, please forward it to a friend.
My focus in this issue is natural solutions for older men that suffer from low testosterone, prostate enlargement or BPH.  Click on any image to purchase a product.
Many men with androgen deficiency do not receive treatment
The majority of men with androgen deficiency may not be receiving treatment despite having sufficient access to care, according to a report in the May 26 issue of  the Archives of Internal medicine. 
Testosterone For Older Men
Homeopathic Testosterone Ceam for MenTestosterone is extremely important for the overall health of the human body and particularly critical for male sexual ability, libido, and satisfaction.  Supplementing with a testosterone boosting cream can help older men significantly.
Herbal Solutions for BPH 
There are many ways to reduce the effects of BPH.  Conventional medicine uses drugs like Flomax and Avodart to shrink the prostate but they cause major sexual side effects. Herbal supplements, when properly formulated, can be just as effective and cause few problems.    
Natural Progesterone and BPH
Natural USP ProgesteroneNatural Progesterone blocks estrogen receptors in the prostate and may help offset the negative effects of estrogen.  Studies show it can help control excess prostate growth, and may help lower a man's PSA.