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Myths About Erectile Dysfunction
ED Drugs are not Risk Free
Herbs and Nutrients that Support Erectile Function
A Guide to Testosterone Supplementation for Older Men
Low Testosterone Questionnaire
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October 26th, 2008

This issue of Health Naturally is about Erectile Dysfunction (ED) -  a problem that plagues many of us guys that are over 50.
We have four original articles about ED, as well as links to pages on my site with more information and links to some products that support healthy sexual function. 
I've added a lot of stuff to the site since the last newsletter.  Check "Website News" at the bottom of this issue for more info. 
As always, please enjoy our newsletter and feel free to email me with any comments, suggestions or requests, and, -- if you like this issue, - please forward it to a friend. 
Myths About Erectile Dysfunction
Studies show that more than half the male population over the age of fifty suffers from some degree of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) or impotence. Unfortunately, many men suffer in silence without realizing how chronic illness and poor nutrition exacerbate ED problems.  
ED Drugs are not Risk Free!

Many men, misled by the overwhelming bombardment of television commercials for Erectile Dysfunction (ED) drugs, are under the mistaken belief that use of such products carries little to no risk.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  In this article, we will examine some known side effects of the currently approved family of ED drugs, Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. 

Herbs and Nutrients that Support Erectile Function.
There are many herbs and nutrients that can help with problems like erectile dysfunction (ED). But - there are also many unscrupulous supplement suppliers that write extremely positive advertising for products that do very little.  This article lists some nutritional and herbal substances that are either scientifically validated or have extensive folklore attesting to their use.
A Guide to Testosterone Supplementation for Older Men
Testosterone is an extremely important hormone for the overall health of the human body and particularly critical for male sexual ability, libido, and satisfaction.  Recent studies have shown testosterone deficiency contributes to many chronic illnesses as well as increased overall mortality from all causes. 

Low Testosterone Questionnaire 

Do you know if you have symptoms of low testosterone?  Answering the 10 questions on this questionnaire can help you tell if you have low testosterone levels.  The questionnaire is in PDF format and is printable and  downloadable. 
Website News 
For those of you that  recently signed up for this newsletter, you'll be pleased to know that as of Saturday Oct. 18th, 2008, I added a newsletter archive to the website. The archive currently contains my first two newsletters.  Each subsequent issue will be added when released.  A link to the newsletter archive is on every main page of the website just below the newsletter sign-up box and also in the "Quick Links" section of this issue. 
Also, I have added several new products from the Amazon rain forest to the supplements area in the sexual enhancement sub-section.
Stay tuned! We have a few new products being evaluated now, and will post them on the website when we know the results. 
As always, if you enjoy this newsletter (or hate it), feel free to contact me with your comments.  And, if you really like it, please forward it to a friend using the link below. 
Jim Occhiogrosso
Prostate Health Naturally, L.L.C.
Focus on Erectile Dysfunction (ED)