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NCI Press Release (SELECT)
Preliminary SELECT Study Results are Misleading!
NCI's Flawed SELECT Study Attacks Vitamin E
Natural Vitamin E, Selenium, Zinc and Prostate Health
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November 3, 2008

In the past week or so, many of my clients and friends have called or sent email soliciting my thoughts on the recent news from the National Institute of Health (NIH) and the National Cancer Institute (NCI) about the "Selenium and Vitamin E Cancer Prevention Trial" (SELECT). 

For those of you who haven't read it yet, the first article below is the actual press release from the NCI. 
The next two articles summarize my feelings as well as others in the natural health community about this early SELECT release. 
Finally, the last article is a condensed extract of a few pages from my book along with pertinent references, detailing some important facts about vitamin E, selenium and zinc -- that the organizers of the SELECT trial seem to have ignored!
Press Release from the NCI on the Preliminary SELECT Results
Selenium and vitamin E supplements, taken either alone or together, did not prevent prostate cancer. The data also showed two concerning trends: a small but not statistically significant increase in the number of prostate cancer cases among the over 35,000 men age 50 and older in the trial taking only vitamin E and a small, but not statistically significant increase in the number of cases of adult onset diabetes in men taking only selenium. Because this is an early analysis of the data from the study, neither of these findings proves an increased risk from the supplements and both may be due to chance. 
Preliminary SELECT Study Results are Misleading!
Last week the National Cancer Institute (NCI) released preliminary results from the ongoing SELECT trial that stated that vitamin E and selenium do not protect against prostate cancer - thus from the layman's view - negating thousands of prior studies confirming  the value of both substances.  Study participants are being sent a letter that explains these initial preliminary results and tells them to stop taking their study supplements. 
NCI's Flawed SELECT Study Attacks Vitamin E.
The news was just released, but already numerous Big Pharma-funded mainstream news organizations are running anti-vitamin E and selenium headlines, warning physicians to tell their prostate patients not to take vitamin E and selenium.
The author questions the study design and summarizes in his article why the approach taken by the NCI is unreasonable and unjustified!
Natural Vitamin E, Selenium, Zinc and Prostate Health
Natural vitamin E is a well-known antioxidant and preventive agent for several chronic problems.  Recent research has shown the tocotrienol fractions, as well as the gamma-tocopherol fraction of vitamin E to have significant protective activity for the prostate.  It has been the subject of many studies for the prevention and amelioration of prostate disorders, and in combination with selenium and zinc is probably the most valuable vitamin for prostate health.
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