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Watchful Waiting - An Accident Waiting to Happen?
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Watchful Waiting - An Accident Waiting to Happen?"
Prostate Cancer - Treatment or Overtreatment?
Is it Safe Delaying PC Surgery?
Doing Nothing for PC?
Active Surveillance Underutilized!
Is Wait-and-See the Best Approach?
What is a Natural Health Consultant?
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December 15, 2008
Men with non-aggressive, low-risk prostate cancer are sometimes offered a choice of "Watchful Waiting" or "Active Surveillance."
For many men, the choice is not easy and their urologists often do not clearly discuss associated benefits and risks.  
The articles in this newsletter are also  available on my site under News/Prostate Cancer.  This selected group of articles focuses on the use of  "watchful waiting" with aggressive natural health support, a combination I have found to be successful at helping men with low-risk cancer keep it under control. 
Watchful Waiting - An Accident Waiting to Happen?
"Watchful Waiting" and "Active Surveillance" are equivalent terms used to describe an option sometimes offered to men with "low-grade" or "favorable-risk" prostate cancer in lieu of more immediate, aggressive treatment. 
Unfortunately, most men are rarely advised about natural techniques that may help reduce or slow the growth of their prostate cancer.
Prostate Cancer - Treatment or Overtreatment? 
This article discusses why so many men with localized, low-risk, prostate cancer choose aggressive treatment instead of a watchful waiting approach.
Is it safe delaying decision about having prostate cancer surgery?
Is it safe to wait to make a decision about having prostate cancer surgery, or will the additional delay reduce your chances of being cured?  Reassuring research says that men can take the time they need to make their decisions, reports the February 2008 issue of Harvard Men's Health Watch.
For prostate cancer, doing nothing is often just as good as seeking immediate treatment.
Aggressive treatment of low-risk cases of prostate cancer may actually may place a man's health at greater risk than by waiting, monitoring, and using natural techniques and products to try to minimize further cancer growth.
Active Surveillance Underutilized in Prostate Cancer. 
Only about half of the men with prostate cancer who have low-risk disease choose to be followed with "active surveillance", or "watchful waiting," instead of opting for immediate treatment. 
With some prostate cases, wait-and-see may be best approach.
When faced with a diagnosis of prostate cancer, the vast majority of men opt to treat the disease, including those who might benefit from a wait-and-see approach that spares them from long-term side effects of surgery or radiation, a small new study shows.
What is a Natural Health Consultant-Naturopath-Herbalist?
A frequent problem I often face with guys newly diagnosed with Prostate Cancer is that they want to "go it alone" in a "watchful waiting" situation, charting their own course by researching the Internet. 
While I always welcome a knowledgeable client, my best response is:
"You wouldn't try to be your own urologist now, would you?"  
There is a lot more to an aggressive watchful waiting approach than just taking some supplements!  
But, for those folks who insist on going it alone, the supplements to the left are the absolute minimum starting group.
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I wish you all a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season.
Jim Occhiogrosso
Watchful Waiting - An Accident Waiting to Happen