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Cancer is a Systemic Disease!
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Cancer is a Systemic Disease!
Sunlight, Vitamin D, and Cancer
Vitamin D Blocks Breast Cancer
Johns Hopkins Cancer Statement
Research in the Evolution of Cancer Surgery
Cancer Spreads Long Before Tumor Develops
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January 28, 2009

This issue contains a collection of articles about the systemic nature of cancer and its relationship to sunlight exposure and vitamin D. 
Anyone that has cancer, or wants to take an active role in preventing cancer may be interested in reading some or all of the related articles in the "News" section on my website. 
With this issue, I have added many new articles and a few new sections to the website, mostly for my female readers. See the "Website News" section at the bottom of this newsletter for more information.
Cancer is a Systemic Disease!
Many people believe that once a cancer is surgically removed, one is cancer-free.  This is rarely the case. Many tumors may be growing in multiple locations in the body undetected.  Cancer is a systemic disease, and the most effective way to treat it is to address both the overall health of the body as well as any local tumor. 
Sunlight, Vitamin D, and Cancer. 
In my book, I devote an entire chapter to vitamin D deficiency, exposure to sunlight and the incidence of cancer.  The chapter has forty-three references to medical studies about vitamin D deficiency and cancer.  If that hasn't convinced you there is a relationship, take a look at the cancer statistic maps embedded in this article.
New Research - Vitamin D Blocks Formation of Breast Cancer
In a study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, researchers analyzed the vitamin D intake of 759 breast cancer patients and 1,135 women without breast cancer. They found that women with a higher vitamin D intake had a 24 percent lower risk of acquiring hormone receptor-positive breast cancer than women with a lower vitamin D intake.
Johns Hopkins Cancer Statement 
After many years of telling people that surgery, radiation and chemotherapy are the only ways to try and eliminate cancer, medical researchers are finally starting to recognize there are alternatives. This cancer update from John's Hopkins was published on June 13, 2008.
Biological Research in the Evolution of Cancer Surgery
For many years, malignant tumors were removed by surgery with the belief that cancer was a local condition.  The bloodstream was considered to be of little significance to the spread of tumor cells before or during surgery.  More and more clinical trials support the thesis that cancer is a systemic disease that may spread through the bloodstream.
Cancer Spreads Through Body Long Before Tumor Develops
Researchers have discovered that malignant cells may spread to distant parts of the body long before any cancerous tumors are visible.  These cells may appear healthy and be difficult to detect. 
The  virulence of a specific case of cancer might actually be determined early in the disease, by the presence of these cells, perhaps even before a cancer diagnosis.

FDA Petition 

There are many substances other than pharmaceuticals that are of value
to human health.  The FDA's practice of censoring, raiding, intimidating, and harassing manufacturer's that provide scientific information about natural substances is unconscionable. 
Along with many natural health organizations and practitioners, I support the call to action by William Faloon, founder of the Life Extension Foundation to reorganize and reform the FDA and eliminate its bias against natural substances.  
A petition created by the AAHF (American Association for Health Freedom) is at  I have added my name to this petition and I sincerely hope you will add yours to it too. 
Website News
Along with this newsletter, I have made several additions to the website under the top menu "News" tab that are of interest. 
For our female readers we have a new section for "Breast Cancer" with a group of interesting articles.  I've also added the section "Cancer, General" for interesting articles about other types of cancer. Finally, several new articles were added to the existing "Vitamin D" section about Vitamin D and breast cancer. 
To read any previous newsletter, visit the newsletter archive.  A link to the archive is on every main page of the website just below the newsletter sign-up box and also in the "page links" section of each newsletter issue. 
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Jim Occhiogrosso
Cancer is a Systemic Disease