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Can Bio-Identical Hormones Help You?
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Hormone Balancing for Men and Women
Suzanne Somers - The Oprah Interview
Natural Hormone Balancing for Women
Natural Hormone Balancing for Men
Testosterone Supplementation for Older Men
Saliva Hormone Testing is Simple
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March 22, 2009

A few weeks ago Oprah brought national attention to the subject of bio-identical hormones with her interview with Suzanne Somers, a breast cancer survivior, author, and avid promoter of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.
While I agree with many of Suzanne's approaches, there are some critical items (like hormone testing) that were not given the attention they deserve during the Oprah interview.  I discuss them in detail in this issue.
Bio-Identical Hormone Balancing for Men and Women
Bio-identical hormone replacement has been in the headlines for the past month or so, due to the appearance of Suzanne Somers on the Oprah show in late January.  In this article we explore some of the reasons you may want to consider it.  
Suzanne Somers -- 
The Oprah Interview 
Suzanne Somers is a breast cancer survivor, actress, author of several best-selling books, and a very vocal advocate of bioidentical hormones.  On January 29th 2009, she appeared on the Oprah show and discussed her approach to hormone balancing and anti-aging.
A Guide to Natural Hormone Balancing for Women
As we all know, hormone levels change as a woman ages.  Most women think of this as menopause and expect it around the age of fifty.  Changing hormone levels due to aging or other influences can cause major disruptions of body processes. 
A Guide to Natural Hormone Balancing for Men 
When an aging man first encounters a problem with his sexuality, it is almost inevitable that his thoughts turn to testosterone.  While low testosterone can cause significant problems, imbalances of other hormones like DHEA, Estrogen or Progesterone are equally important. 
A Guide to Testosterone Supplementation for Older Men
Testosterone is an extremely important hormone for the overall health of the human body and particularly critical for male sexual ability, libido, and satisfaction.  Recent studies show that testosterone deficiency contributes to many chronic conditions associated with aging.
Saliva Hormone Testing is Simple, Private and Accurate
Home Saliva Hormone Test KitOur home saliva test kit lets men and women test their hormones privately at home.    
Simply select the hormones you want tested from the panels or individual tests shown on our web site and pay with a credit card.
We then ship you a collection kit with one or more (depending on tests ordered) saliva collection tubes. Collect a saliva sample in the tube(s) and mail it to the laboratory.  
Within about 10 days, your results are personally returned to you.  

FDA Petition 

There are many substances other than pharmaceuticals that are of value
to human health.  The FDA's practice of censoring, raiding, intimidating, and harassing manufacturer's that provide scientific information about natural substances is unconscionable. 
Along with many natural health organizations and practitioners, I support the call to action by William Faloon, founder of the Life Extension Foundation to reorganize and reform the FDA and eliminate its bias against natural substances. A comprehensive petition to the FDA is being circulated with a goal of obtaining 100,000 signatures.  It will be sent in a report delivered to every member of the House and Senate as well as the office of President Barack Obama. As this is a U.S. petition, it is open only to U.S. citizens and residents.    
I have added my name to this petition and I sincerely hope you will add yours too.  Our access to safe natural products depends on all of us!
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We have also added the articles in this newsletter and some others to the "News" section under hormones.  Many of these will be of interest to both male and female readers.
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Jim Occhiogrosso

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Can Bio-Identical Hormones Help You