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Swine Flu - Facemasks and Your Risk
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About Swine Flu and Facemasks
Reduce Your Risk of Getting Swine Flu
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May 2, 2009
My original plan for this month's newsletter was to expand on the bio-identical hormone information I presented last month.  The Swine Flu outbreak and its attendant publicity forced me to change that plan.  The expanded hormone newsletter will be out in about a week. 
Virtually every news outlet in the nation has been headlining the Swine Flu outbreak for the past week or two on a daily basis. 
While this outbreak is indeed widespread and serious, In my opinion, the news media is propagating more than the news -- it is spreading fear, much of which is unnecessary.
In this newsletter, I discuss some of the realities of this latest flu outbreak less the   associated panic.
About Swine Flu and Facemasks
The news media seems to be intent on showing people walking around town and getting on airplanes wearing N95 facemasks.  A recent  broadcaster quoted a medical supply store owner talking about how he's sold out all his N95 masks.  But, do they really help?  
Reduce Your Risk of Swine Flu
According to medical experts, existing influenza vaccines are not effective against this new strain of Swine flu.  But you can  reduce your risk of getting the flu by following some simple hygiene guidelines and strengthening your body's immune system.  
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As you all know, my website is a constantly evolving entity. Last month we added a simple search facility with a "Site Search" button located at the top left of every main page of the site.  If you haven't used it yet, give it a try.  It is quite powerful and can allow you to find articles by keywords over the entire site with direct links to the articles from the search results. 
This month, the major change is the addition of a new page under the products tab for our "Immune Support" products.  This page was long planned, but the Swine Flu outbreak forced me to implement it now, rather than later.
All products on the new "Immune Support" page are in stock and available immediately. Click here to view them.
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Jim Occhiogrosso
Prostate Health Naturally, L.L.C. 

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Swine Flu - Facemasks and Your Risk