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Three Things You Should Know About Bio-Identical Hormones
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Three Things You Should Know
Phytoestrogens in Breast and Prostate Cancer
Food May Contain Environmental Estrogens
Aging and Bioidentical Hormones
Safety of Bioidentical Hormones
Multiple Hormone Deficiency
Saliva Hormone Testing
Swine Flu in the News
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June 15, 2009
Today's newsletter shares information about bio-identical hormones from a few recent articles that have come across my desk.  While the articles are from several sources, they agree that proper use of bio-identical hormones to balance or adjust age-related hormone deficiencies are safe.
Swine Flu is still in the news. My last newsletter was about herbs and natural remedies to help reduce your risk of getting it.  However, the "powers that be" are now "marketing misinformation" about the flu and natural stuff.  At the bottom of this newsletter,  I discuss this issue. 
Three Things You Should Know About Bio-Identical Hormones
Depending on where you get your information about bio-identical hormones, it would seem that hormone replacement is either a fountain of youth or a complete disaster area.  So what is the real story?
The Role of Phytoestrogens in Breast and Prostate Cancer
Many studies have linked the high levels of the hormone estrogen, with increased risk of the development of prostate cancer and breast cancer. Plant estrogens, called phytoestrogens may help protect against some of the harmful effects of estrogen.    
Food May Contain Environmental Estrogens
A discovery that two commonly used food additives are estrogenic has led scientists to suspect that many ingredients added to the food supply may be capable of altering hormones. 
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Educator Lori Steiner Talks about Aging and Bioidentical Hormones 
Because bioidentical hormones are exact copies of the hormones made naturally in the body, they cannot be patented by the drug companies, and there is no media hype to sell them. 
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A Review of Safety and Efficacy of Bioidentical Hormones. 
Research show that synthetic hormones can cause various problems like strokes and increased risk of developing cancer.  Studies of both bioidentical estrogens and progesterone suggest a reduced risk of blood clots compared to non-bioidentical preparations.
The "Multiple Hormone Deficiency" Theory of Aging: Is Human Senescence Caused Mainly by Multiple Hormone Deficiencies? 
In the human body, the productions, levels and cell receptors of most hormones progressively decline with age, gradually putting the body into various states of endocrine deficiency. 
Well-dosed and balanced hormone supplements may slow down or stop the progression of signs, symptoms, or diseases of senescence and may often reverse or even cure them.

Saliva Hormone Testing is Simple, Private and Accurate!


Swine Flu in the News 

Over the past few weeks I've come across several "disinformation" articles about Swine Flu and natural products.  These articles state that there is no evidence that any natural product could either treat or lower your risk of getting swine flu. 
Well, to get scientific evidence, one would need to run tests on these natural products, - and since Swine flu is pretty new, no tests have been run.  Thus the conclusion "there is no evidence". 
Using the same thought train, we can also say there is no evidence that any of the anti-virals or anti-flu medications work against the swine flu  either.  There simply has been no time to run exhaustive scientific tests!
Immune SupportThe best way to lower your risk of getting any flu is to keep you body's immune system in top working order with the proper nutritional items and supplements.  Even if you then get the flu, your well-tuned immune system will knock it out quickly. Lots of Vitamins C, D, and E, along with some specifically formulated immune system products (like our Immune Support shown here) can help keep your immune system functioning in tip-top order!    
Website News
This month I have not made any major changes to the website, but we have added a few new articles.  The best way to find an article or specific information is to use the "Site Search" button located at the top left of every main page of the site.  Clicking it brings you to a search screen where you can enter a keyword (or keywords) to search the site for.  Direct links to the articles found allow you to quickly find information on many topics.
To read any previous newsletter, visit the newsletter archive.  A link to the archive is on every main page of the website just below the newsletter sign-up box and also in the "page links" section of each newsletter issue. 
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Jim Occhiogrosso


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Three Things You Should Know About Bio-Identical Hormones