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Gardasil: Saving your daughters or harming them?
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What You Should Know About Gardasil
Mandatory HPV Vaccination
The Risks and Benefits of HPV Vaccination
Safety Surveillance for Gardasil
Tragic Truth behind the Gardasil Nightmare
Judicial Watch Uncovers Serious Adverse Events
FDA Petition
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August 25, 2009
I'm sure you all know by now that I am strongly opposed to the way the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine (Gardasil) is being promoted to our lawmakers and the general public. In the first article, I discuss some of the reasons for my opposition.
The next three articles are reports from the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), and are pretty technical. You may also need a one-time sign-up for free access to JAMA.
The fifth article is a synopsis of Gardasil and its associated problems from NaturalNews, and finally the last article presents adverse event reports as of June 30, 2008.
What You Should Know About the Gardasil HPV Vaccine
Since its approval in June of 2006, Gardasil has been heavily marketed to lawmakers and the public but there are serious questions about its safety and effectiveness, as well as numerous adverse event reports.  
Mandatory HPV Vaccination 
Human papillomavirus is not a highly infectious airborne disease,which is the paradigm for the exercise of compulsory vaccination.  
The Risks and Benefits of HPV Vaccination
When do physicians know enough about the beneficial effects of a new medical intervention to start recommending or using it? When is the available information about harmful adverse effects sufficient to conclude that the risks outweigh the potential benefits?

Postlicensure Safety Surveillance for Quadrivalent Human Papillomavirus Recombinant Vaccine
A total of 12,424 reports of adverse events from Gardasil were reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).  772 of them described serious adverse events, including 32 reports of death.
The Tragic Truth behind the Gardasil Nightmare
More than 75% of the population is exposed to HPV. Exposure typically results when a woman becomes sexually active. There is an association between HPV and cervical cancer and HPV causing cervical cancer is plausible, yet it alone does not cause cervical cancer. 
Judicial Watch Uncovers New FDA Records Detailing Ten New Deaths & 140 "Serious" Adverse Events Related to Gardasil
Judicial Watch, Inc., is a conservative, non-partisan educational foundation that promotes transparency, accountability and integrity in government, politics and the law.  To this end, Judicial Watch uses the open records or freedom of information laws and other tools to investigate and uncover misconduct by government officials and litigation to hold to account politicians and public officials who engage in corrupt activities. 

FDA Petition 

There are many substances other than pharmaceuticals that are of value
to human health.  The FDA's practice of censoring, raiding, intimidating, and harassing manufacturer's that provide scientific information about natural substances is unconscionable. 
Along with many natural health organizations and practitioners, I support the call to action by William Faloon, founder of the Life Extension Foundation to reorganize and reform the FDA and eliminate its bias against natural substances. A comprehensive petition to the FDA is being circulated with a goal of obtaining 100,000 signatures.  It will be sent in a report delivered to every member of the House and Senate as well as the office of President Barack Obama. As this is a U.S. petition, it is open only to U.S. citizens and residents.    
To date, about 25,000 signatures have been added to this petition. I have signed it and I sincerely hope you will too.  Our access to safe natural products depends on all of us!
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Jim Occhiogrosso
Gardasil: Saving your daughters or harming them?