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Winter is Coming - Are You Flu-Ready?
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Oct. 1, 2009
Just about every day there is more news about the coming flu season, the Swine Flu and vaccines, much of it designed more to be sensational than informative.    
While a bout of any kind of flu can indeed be serious for folks with compromised immune systems or multiple health problems, it is usually only a few day annoyance to most of us.   
In this newsletter, I present some interesting articles and opinions about the coming flu season and the flu vaccine that you may not find in the mainstream media.
More importantly, these articles highlight some simple and natural ways to ramp up your immune system to make you less likely to get the flu.
Reduce Your Risk of Swine Flu
With the flu season coming and the Swine flu threatening to strike a high percentage of citizens, the media is having flu frenzy! Forgetting about vaccines, you can reduce your risk of getting any flu by simply strengthening your body's immune system with natural substances.
Boosting Your Immune System With Herbal Medicine
One of the best ways to avoid getting sick is to have a healthy immune system. In most healthy adults, the immune system works without any problem. Add in the pressures of every day life; stress, anxiety, poor nutrition, not enough exercise, not enough sleep, etc. and the immune system will need some help. 
Swine Flu: There are Natural Remedies
In the US, preparations for Swine Flu center entirely on a new and untested vaccine along with anti-viral drugs that don't work very well and have serious side effects. The Canadian government by contrast is willing to consider some other, common sense alternatives.
Vitamin D and H1N1 Swine Flu
The Swine Flu appears to strike children more often than older adults. It is well known that children with low levels of vitamin D are more susceptible to many health problems, yet only 4% of American children take recommended doses of Vitamin D supplements, surely a failure of U.S. pediatricians.

Mainstream Media Miss the Point on Swine Flu Vaccine 
The Associated Press is reporting on a study that indicates about half of all health workers, including doctors, would reject the swine flu vaccine due to concerns about its effectiveness, side effects and safety. 
Epidemic Influenza And Vitamin D
This paper, written by Dr. John Cannell, presents some interesting "real-world" observations in a California hospital linking Vitamin D deficiency to outbreaks of the Flu. 
Re: "All of the patients on my ward had been taking 2,000 units of vitamin D every day for several months or longer. Could that be the reason none of my patients caught the flu?"
Many Health Workers Won't Take Swine Flu Vaccine
In their responses to 810 questionnaires distributed to public hospital workers (primarily doctors and nurses in Hong Kong), less than half (48%) of the 389 workers who returned the questionnaires intended to accept pre-pandemic H1N1 vaccination. The most common reason for refusal was potential side effects.
Seasonal flu vaccine increases risk of H1N1 swine flu
CBC News in Canada is now reporting disturbing findings you need to know about: "Four Canadian studies involved about 2,000 people, health officials told CBC News. Researchers found people who had received the seasonal flu vaccine in the past were more likely to get sick with the H1N1 virus."

General News

The Natural Health Community (AKA-David) wins some battles against the FDA  and the FTC  (AKA-Goliath)!
A recent court action challenged the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) qualified health claims system via five disputed selenium health claims. The action, lodged by Jonathan W Emord of Virginia-based law firm, Emord & Associates, states that the qualified health claims system must modify its procedures as it is preventing truthful messaging from reaching consumers.  .......... Read More
In another action, the courts told the FTC to stop censoring science!  The court's rebuke basically said that: if manufacturers are making honest claims and have proof in the form of scientific studies to back up the claims, no government agency should prevent them from communicating information to consumers. In other words, the government (including the FDA) should stop trying to prevent the truth about natural substances and healing herbs from reaching the public! ........ Read More
But Goliath Still Has the Power
Is our society under control of the pharmaceutical industry? Simone Davis, a 17-year-old British immigrant, lives with her paternal grandmother in Port St. Joe, Fla. Because Simone has refused to take the controversial HPV vaccine Gardasil, she has been denied citizenship. ......... Read More

Website News

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Winter is Coming - Are You Flu-Ready?