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Japan's Nuclear Disaster and Your Thyroid
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Iodine Combo

March. 22, 2011

This is a special newsletter about a timely topic.


In the past two weeks, many of my clients, particularly those on the west coast have been asking about using potassium iodide to protect the thyroid from the harmful effects of radiation  from the Japanese nuclear disaster.


My answer is "don't panic"! 


The press is contributing to this panic with various reports, including those reporting that many pharmacies have run out of the potassium iodide medication.
Potassium Iodide is one fix, BUT, it is not the only one, and, potassium iodide is a drug, not a supplement! 
If the radiation reaches this country in any significant amount (which hasn't happened yet), then herbal (plant) sources of Iodine can be used just as effectively and are much safer.  
Please read the detailed article below.  I don't recommend anyone take Iodine at this time for the sole purpose of  warding off the effects of radioactive iodine.  However, if you must have some iodine in your medicine cabinet for peace of mind, our Iodine Combo is 100% herbal and can do the job.  


Thyroid Hormones and Iodine

The Japanese Nuclear Disaster

This article discusses issues related to using  potassium iodide vs. using natural, organic Iodine to protect the thyroid from the harmful effects of radiation of the nuclear disaster in Japan.  

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Japan's Nuclear Disaster and Your Thyroid