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Is Your Immune system Really Working?
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Is Your Immune System Really Working?...
Medicinal Mushrooms
Sloan-Kettering on Astragalus
Beware of Antibiotics
Colloidal silver better than antibiotics
Elderberry Enhances Immune Function
Amino acid L-arginine for fighting infections
Update on Intravenous Vitamin C
Legislation and Legal Issues
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April 17, 2011

At almost every lecture I give, I'm always asked about flu shots and other vaccines.  My answer is always the same - if your immune system is properly working, routine vaccinations for flu, pneumonia and other illnesses are not really necessary. 


Unfortunately, this flies in the face of the drug companies who want to vaccinate you for every possible potential disorder up to and including "hangnails" (at a nice price of course)!  


This newsletter is about immunity. It provides several articles and insights that can help you increase your resistance to almost every illness.


IMPORTANT: Please be sure to read the Legislation and Legal Issues section at the bottom of this newsletter!  

Is Your Immune System Really Working? 
Many folks struggle with constant illnesses like colds and short-term upper respiratory distress. Your immune system consists of a host of glands and processes that the body uses to fend off viral, bacterial and fungal invaders. When it isn't working well, you get sick, you stay sick, and you are miserable.
Medicinal Mushrooms Help Support the Immune System 
Research has shown some chemical components of medicinal mushrooms have promising cardiovascular, anticancer, antiviral, antibacterial, antiparasitic, anti-inflammatory, and antidiabetic properties.  Our Immune support product contains extracts of several medicinal mushrooms as well as other immune enhancing herbs.
Sloan-Kettering Page on Astragalus

Astragalus has an extensive history of use in Traditional Chinese Medicine to support and strengthen the  immune system.  It is one of the most effective immune stimulating herbs and is found in small amounts in almost every immune supporting product.  In larger doses, it is a  powerful immune stimulant that can help the body fight off infection from many pathogens.  


Beware of Taking Medications you Don't Need - Especially Antibiotics!

Though negative information about antibiotics is widespread, many people continue to think they're necessary for colds, flu, and respiratory infections. Antibiotics don't work on viral or fungal infections, they destroy beneficial flora, weaken immunity, and add toxins to your body. And, their overuse causes the formation of resistant strains of bacteria. As a rule they should be the last resort, not the first. 

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Colloidal silver better than antibiotics
Colloidal silver is one of the best natural antibiotics yet discovered in human history. For many health applications, it's safer, cheaper and far more effective than traditional antibiotics. The effectiveness of colloidal silver is such a huge threat to the pharmaceutical industry that the FDA (and even the FTC) has engaged in an all-out assault to threaten and intimidate colloidal silver companies in order to drive them out of business.

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Elderberry Enhances Immune Function

According to Father Hermann Josef Weidinger,  Austria's most beloved herbal healer, the 82-year-old Catholic priest and author of a dozen books. - "Elderberry cleanses the digestive system and promotes healthy elimination," he explains. "I believe that elderberry protects the body from serious diseases, and it balances the emotions. Elderberry is good for the soul."

Amino acid L-Arginine vital for fighting and preventing infections.
L-Arginine is well-studied for its ability to raise nitric oxide levels in the blood allowing for more oxygen carrying ability. Now, Researchers from the University of Alberta (UA) have made an interesting discovery about the way the body uses L-Arginine to fight and prevent infections.

Update on Intravenous Vitamin C

In my Feb. 14th newsletter, I reported about the FDA going after Vitamin C, the injectable (IV) kind, by preventing a pharmacy from manufacturing or selling it.  IV Vitamin C is used by many licensed physicians to help with multiple conditions, including some cancers, that conventional medicine cannot touch.   
Despite the remarkable documented healing power of IV Vitamin C, the FDA says it is an unapproved drug and wants it removed from the market.  Since it is a natural substance, no drug company will pay to get it approved, and thus, another powerful natural treatment will no longer be available in this country.
Read the update on this, plus updated vitamin D information and new campaigns by the Alliance for Natural Health to reverse some of these crazy rulings.
Also, join the alliance and help us keep the pressure on. Remember - United We Stand! 

Legislation and Legal Issues

The Alliance for Natural Health (ANH) has merged with the American Association for Health Freedom (AAHF).  These non-profit organizations are working hard to get laws passed that prevent the FDA and other agencies from restricting public access to scientific information about herbs, vitamins and other natural (non-drug) products.
As a result of their efforts, an extremely important piece of legislation called the Free Speech about Science Act (FSAS) was recently introduced to congress.  This bill (HR 1364 - sponsored by Reps. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) and Jared Polis (D-CO) is specifically designed to remove restrictions placed on natural health providers and supplement manufacturers about using scientific information (like studies) to inform the public about the benefit of a natural substance. 
Currently, anything anyone says about an herb or vitamin being able to help mediate a disease or provide a health benefit is subject to FDA suppression. Example: Andrew Weil talked about the immune supporting properties of the herb Astagalus on the Larry King show, and received a threatening letter from the FDA shortly after the show's airing (even though many clinical studies support his statements).  HR 1364 will prevent the FDA from coming down on someone because they make a statement that is backed by solid science.       
Please read the accompanying article from The Alliance for Natural Health and take action to tell your congressman that you want to see all the information, not just what the FDA deems appropriate for you!

Website Updates

In the last newsletter I provided some information about the use of potassium iodide to protect yourself from radiation from the Japanese Nuclear Disaster.  I suggest that if you are concerned you read my article.
Recently, I added two new pages to the "Products" section of the website. Both pages offer items that are specific to various "Body Systems" and are so named.  These are products I have used for a long time in my practice, but never had the time to put them on the website.  The liquids page offers liquid herbals like Iodine Combo, Herbal Minerals, and Hawthorn for supporting the heart and circulation, and the capsules page offers products like Adrenal Support, Glucose Support, Liver Support, Thyroid Support and others.


Check out these items using the links below.


Body Systems Liquid Herbals                 Body Systems Capsules

A Survey

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