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Power of Natural Health
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Coconut oil, Dementia & Alzheimer's
World's Oldest Antibiotic
Tocotrienols in Vitamin E
Turmeric & Osteoarthritis
10 food additives to avoid.
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April 3, 2013   

Today's newsletter is about Vitamins, Nutrients and Herbs, a group which I call "Natural Health".  Natural substances, in many cases, have medicinal characteristics.  Folks in the medical profession seem to forget that the bulk of prescription drugs (more than 90%) are derived from the chemicals found in plants.

Articles regularly appear in the media detailing the "dangers" of various vitamins and herbs, and I suppose many people believe what they read.  An excellent article in this newsletter talks about this. Every year, there are over 100,000 adverse events, many extremely serious, caused by pharmaceutical drugs. This article summarized the Dep't of Health's report on adverse events. Strange that with all the negative "propaganda" in the media about the danger of natural products, that the DOH finds zero adverse events directly attributable to them.    

For most common issues, natural products should always be tried first, and pharmaceutical items last.  There are of course, exceptions to this, but most of the time it is a viable approach.

Enjoy the newsletter. I hope you find a natural product that is of value to you here.  

See the blocks at the bottom of this newsletter for news about me, changes to the website, and other interesting items.
Enjoy! ........... Jim  

The Power of Natural Health
by James Occhiogrosso

The media is always loaded with news about the dangers of various vitamins and herbs. This is one of the problems that has led to our outrageous healthcare costs.



Vitamin Supplement Safety Confirmed by America's Largest Database

The new annual report of the American Association of Poison Control Centers shows zero deaths from multiple vitamins; zero deaths from vitamin A, niacin, vitamin B-6, vitamin D, or vitamin E.  So, if (as the mainstream media keep reminding us) vitamins are so dangerous and killing people then -- "Where are the Bodies?"


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Depression is a big problem for many folks. Prescription anti-depressants often have serious side effects, addictive tendencies and severe withdrawal symptoms. The first report linked to below talks about helping depression linked to Vitamin D deficiency.  The second talks about using St. John's Wort for depression. Vitamin D, even in high doses is relatively safe, and so is St. John's Wort. However, St. John's wort should be used only under the supervision of a health practitioner, because it can interfere with certain prescription medications.  

Depression -- And Vitamin D       And St. John's Wort 

Coconut oil can stop dementia and Alzheimer's disease

 Coconut Oil and coconut-related foods can help prevent (and reverse) dementia, Alzheimer's disease, ALS, multiple sclerosis, and many other degenerative disorders.  


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World's Oldest Antibiotic Also Shows Promise as an Anti-Cancer Therapy

Colloidal silver is a powerful healer, despite irrational FDA opposition to it. Silver has been used medicinally throughout the ages, with great success. And now some very promising research is being done on silver as a cancer treatment. In a head-to-head comparison against a leading platinum-based chemo drug, Cisplatin, a silver-based drug was found to be just as effective-and far less toxic to normal cells than platinum.   


Tocotrienols in Vitamin E have strong anti-cancer mechanisms say researchers

Anti-cancer effects of vitamin E have been long suggested, but historically, past studies on Vitamin E only evaluated the tocopherol fractions. The latest findings indicate the tocotrienol fractions of Vitamin E (typically derived from  Palm Oil), especially gamma-tocotrienol are particularly effective against both breast and prostate cancer cells.        


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Turmeric Extract Puts Drugs For Knee Osteoarthritis To Shame 

Millions take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) daily for arthritis and related inflammatory conditions, but are completely unaware that far safer, and at least as effective, natural alternatives already exist -- and are as easily accessible and inexpensive as the spices found in your kitchen cupboard.


Want to avoid chronic illnesses and cancers? Here are the 10 top food additives to avoid. 
In case you missed any of the actors in this rogue's gallery of unnecessary and health-damaging ingredients that turn up in so many products, here's a recap of what they are, where you're most likely to find them, and why you should keep them out of your diet.



Next Newsletter Preview!

Many of my clients have had surgery for prostate cancer and now suffer from erectile dysfunction. Similarly, many of my clients suffer from other problems like BPH, prostatitis, and UTI's the treatments for which have either directly caused or exacerbated their ED. At their request, I have been doing a lot of research on the subject of ED from many different perspectives. So, my next newsletter is for the guys and will be exclusively about erectile dysfunction.  If you suffer from ED or you fear suffering from it, you have to read it.  


Web Site Changes and News

I have recently added several new products to my website. Many of them are on a new  page which you can reach with this "Special Supplements" link.  The new items range from food products like Coconut Oil and Ultra Greens, to special power herbals like Oregano Oil (a strong antiviral) and Stevia (a natural sweetener). 

We now have access to laboratory blood tests through Labcorp. I have recently partnered with DirectLabs -- a leader in direct access laboratory testing. This allows me to offer a variety of important health and wellness blood chemistry tests extremely discounted prices. Results are confidential and available online. Blood is drawn at a local LabCorp drawing station thru a direct requisition sent to you via email. You can order tests directly thru me via a phone call or on my website. My prices and test descriptions are shown on their website, and are the same as if you bought the tests directly. However, if you order your tests from me directly, I handle all the paperwork and will help you review and understand your test by phone at no extra cost.  You can reach the ordering page by clicking here

We have also recently added no interest financing for 6 months on the website thru PayPal and "Bill Me Later." This gives you six months to pay for all purchases over $99.00 at no additional cost.  You'll have the options to choose "Bill Me Later" when you reach the PayPal Checkout Cart.  



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Jim Occhiogrosso
Health Naturally, L.L.C. 

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