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Tune up Your Immune System
How Well Does the Flu Vaccine Work?
Tocotrienols show immune boosting
Should You Get A Flu Shot
Cancer Immunotherapy
Sometimes We Win a Battle!
Watch Out - Vitamins will Kill You!
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Jan 17, 2014  

Well, the cold weather is here and with it dire reports of Flu hitting everywhere. How to protect yourself? Well, you can get a Flu shot and be partly protected against the three or four strains that the shot was formulated for. 

Or, -- you can build up your immune system so that you are protected from the Flu as well as many other upper respiratory conditions, like colds and bronchitis.

Or, -- if you are really paranoid, you can do both. In any event, this newsletter should give you a little insight.

I recently instituted a new format for my newsletters by eliminating the sidebar of product photos. You all know that I sell a full range of quality supplements, so there is really no need to show them with each issue. To view everything available on my website, simply view the quick order page or call me at 239-652-0421.

Keep in mind, when you buy your supplements from me, you help keep me in business with the time to answer your emails and help you resolve your problems effectively. 

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Featured Article -- Tune up Your Immune System
by James Occhiogrosso

Flu vaccines are formulated each year for the three or four strains of flu considered most likely to appear. Sometimes they are right on target, but often they miss.


Also, according to the CDC -- "Older people with weaker immune systems often have a lower protective immune response after flu vaccination compared to younger, healthier people. This can result in lower vaccine effectiveness in these people." (See next article below for more information) 


Your immune system is your best defense against the flu as well as many other illnesses, particularly upper respiratory illnesses like the flu, that tend to peak in colder weather. 



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Many people do not realize that the Flu vaccine offers no protection against the multitude of other viruses that cause flu-like symptoms and illnesses. This article from the CDC gives a clear outline of the limitations of the flu vaccine.


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Daily supplements rich in vitamin E tocotrienols may boost the immune response and immune function in healthy women following a vaccination.

While this article deals only with healthy women, several recent studies have confirmed that the tocotrienol fractions of vitamin E have an outstanding effect on boosting the immune system, and other studies are examining their effectiveness against various cancers, most notably prostate and breast cancer.        


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What Science Says About Getting A Flu Shot

The flu shot debate is always an emotional one. Supporters on both sides are convinced they are right and that anyone who decides otherwise is simply misinformed. This article is not emotional. It simply present the facts gathered from peer-reviewed literature written by scientists with the best credentials for commenting on the topic.


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Cancer Immunotherapy

For many years the pharmaceutical industry has been developing drugs that, in most cases, do little more than cover up  symptoms of an illness. Drugs rarely, if ever, cure the condition they are designed for, they simply make it possible to live with it. On the other hand, the human immune system has evolved to actually destroy outside invasions, making it the most powerful curative item known to man.  


The year 2012 marks a milestone celebrating the potential treatment of various cancers by using immunotherapy to persuade the immune system to do battle with the existence of cancerous  tumors.       


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Sometimes We Win a Battle!   

GlaxoSmithKline, one of the largest drug manufacturers in the world recently announced it would no longer pay doctors to sell its drugs. In the past, some physicians were paid to promote drugs both to patients and other doctors at conferences.
Perhaps Glaxo finally acquired a conscience, but more likely it is a result of new rules put in place that require pharmaceutical companies to disclose payments to providers, or (also likely) it had something to do with bribery allegations in China, or the three billion dollars they had to lay out to settle the U.S. Justice Dep't claims of fraudulent marketing.

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Watch Out! Vitamins Will Kill You (Again)!  

For years I, and many other natural health professionals have been fighting a battle against the constant disparaging of vitamins, minerals and herbs for general health by the media and biased scientists. Truthfully, I'm tired of fighting that battle.

Recently, new information was published claiming supplementation is useless and a waste of money. I know this is not true, and so do many of my clients who tell me my health program has helped them maintain good health
over the years.

So, rather than dispute this again, I'll leave it to the experts over at Oregon State University to discuss it in detail.

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