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Avoiding the Prostate Cancer Treatment Nightmare  
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Avoid the Treatment Nightmare
Practicing What We Know?
Quality of Life after Treatment
Active Surveillance Study Promising
Older Men Don't Benefit from Surgery
Active surveillance sufficient for low-risk patients
prostate cancer treatments harm QOL
Should the FDA be Allowed to Censor?
Crippled by Anxiety/Panic Attacks
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May 26, 2014    

Happy Memorial Day Everyone.

Sorry for the long delay between newsletters, but I have gotten very busy lately.

In the title article of this issue, we explore the many steps one can take to avoid treatment for prostate cancer, and to select the best approach if you are diagnosed with it. While prostate cancer is a serious disease, it is also one of the most over-treated diseases in the U.S. 

Nothing in this newsletter should be construed as advice to forgo treatment. By all means, if you need treatment, please get it. Education is your keyword. Prostate cancer is usually slow-growing. Taking some time to carefully review your options, rarely effects treatment outcome, and may save you lots of grief later on.

Ladies - please don't feel left out. Our next newsletter will address some common female issues.  As always, I appreciate your inputs and hope you enjoy this newsletter.


Avoiding the Prostate Cancer Treatment Nightmare

Most men are totally unaware and unconcerned about their prostate gland it-until it starts giving them problems, or an annual physical indicates an out-of-range Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) level and their doctor recommends a visit to a urologist. What happens next depends on how informed the man is, and if his urologist is following the latest recommendations or outdated paradigms.  


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Why Aren't We Practicing What We Know?

Many doctors support active surveillance in prostate cancer but may not recommend It. About 68% to 73% of the doctors surveyed agreed that active surveillance was a reasonable option for men with low-risk disease.But, when it came time to making recommendations, only 22% of the respondents actually recommended active surveillance.  


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A man with newly diagnosed localized prostate cancer faces a frustrating choice of therapy. He can defer treatment until symptoms appear (watchful waiting), undergo major surgery (radical prostatectomy), or receive radiation therapy with the intention of eliminating the tumor.  


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Longest Prostate Cancer Active Surveillance Study Promising

The longest follow-up to date of active surveillance in patients with favorable or intermediate-risk prostate cancer shows that it is a safe and feasible approach for as long as 20 years after diagnosis.


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Older Men with Early-Stage Prostate Cancer and Other Health Problems Don't Benefit from Surgery or Radiation Therapy.

Treating older men with early-stage prostate cancer who also have other serious underlying health problems with aggressive therapies such as surgery or radiation therapy does not help them live longer and, in fact, can be detrimental, according to a study by UCLA researchers.   


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Active surveillance sufficient for patients with low-risk prostate cancer.

According to a study published in The Journal of the National Cancer Institute, active surveillance or watchful waiting might be sufficient treatment for patients with prostate cancer that has a low risk of progression,    


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All conventional prostate cancer treatments harm quality of life.
All major prostate cancer therapies reduce men's quality of life through increased urinary incontinence and hampered sexual function, according to a study conducted by researchers from the University of Pittsburgh and published in the Journal of Urology.

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Other Interesting Tidbits
Should the FDA be Allowed to Censor Free Speech on the Internet?
Should a sentence such as, "Living in a healthy way can help avoid cancer or heart attacks," be disallowed? This is a very slippery slope. Once certain lines are crossed, freedom is lost. It is unconscionable for the FDA to disallow claims on vitamins and herbal supplements that are scientifically validated, but they do. As free citizens, shouldn't we start restricting their restrictions?

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How Would You Like to Be Crippled by Anxiety, Suffer Frequent Panic Attacks, Write a Book about It-And Never Be Told about a Natural Supplement that Could Solve the Problem?
It's heartbreaking that 40 million American adults suffering from anxiety disorders, have apparently never been told that GABA (gamma-aminiobutyric acid) can be taken as a supplement. GABA is what our own body produces to control anxiety. It is a naturally produced neurotransmitter that regulates neuron firing and calms brain activity. GABA deficiency can cause, among other things, insomnia, ADHD, and anxiety.


General News and Comments

I am always adding and removing products on my website, and many of the supplements I have in stock are not on my website.  If you are looking for something specific, or have a specific problem, feel free to call or email me directly.

On of the advantages of dealing with a natural practitioner like myself is availability. I am always available for questions and emails. Feel free to use that availability, even if you are not a regular client. All I ask is that you don't abuse that privilege.



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Jim Occhiogrosso
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Avoiding the Prostate Cancer Treatment Nightmare