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Is Infant Circumcision Really Necessary?
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Is Infant Circumcision Really Necessary?
Proposed CDC Circumcision Guidelines
Infant Circumcision Surgery
Specialized Tissue Lost to Circumcision
Circumcision Reduces Sexual Pleasure
Effects of Circumcision
Circumcision Reduces Sensitivity
Vitamin D RDA/ODA
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January 10, 2015     

Many times when writing my newsletter, I find myself wondering if I am just rehashing old news. So, to make my newsletters more exciting, I have decided to take on some interesting topics that you won't find covered much about in the mainstream media.

The main topic of this newsletter is about infant male circumcision and you may be very surprised at some of the information.

If you are a parent or grandparent expecting the birth of a boy-child soon, and circumcision is not part of your religious beliefs, you may want to do some serious thinking. .

Please Note: I DO NOT oppose infant circumcision performed  for religious reasons.

I DO oppose infant circumcision for non-religious reasons -- for the sole purpose of increasing the revenue of hospitals and doctors.

Caution: Some links used in this newsletter contain adult information and may also contain scientific photographs of intimate adult parts. Please use your discretion.  

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A lecture on general use of supplements for good health is scheduled for this coming Monday in Fort Myers.

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Is Infant Circumcision Really Necessary?
Infant circumcision is an issue that I have followed personally for many years. I  do not believe that altering the body of an infant who has no control or say in the matter for the sake of potentially reducing later risk of relatively uncommon diseases is viable.

For some, It is a strong part of their religion, and is done to satisfy religious customs or beliefs, but the medical benefits, in my opinion, are questionable.

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Proposed CDC Guidelines:
Circumcision in Infants and Adult Men 
The CDC has posted a draft guideline for public review on the federal website A notice of proposed rule-making posted there explains how to submit comments, which must be received on or before January 16, 2015.

These rules, if implemented, will essentially give a green light to both hospitals and doctors to make infant circumcision and automatic part of the birthing process for male infants, essentially removing the element of informed choice and consent from the infant's parents.

It will also give a green light to doctors to recommend circumcision to any uncircumcised male patient, regardless of the patient's understanding of the drawbacks and potential side effects of the procedure.  

  Infant Circumcision Surgery
If you are a potential parent or grandparent of a forthcoming male birth, and you have a strong stomach, you may want to watch this video of an actual circumcision performed in a hospital on a newborn male child.
This teaching video is a little over nine minutes long, and for anyone that believes the hogwash that babies do not feel pain, note the intensity and pitch change of the infant's crying when the surgical clamp is tightened and cuts through the foreskin.

WARNING: This video contains extremely graphic and disturbing content. The music supplied is from the original source and has not been added for effect. Use your discretion.


Specialized Mucosa of the Penis Lost to Circumcision
The penile foreskin and surrounding structure are usually dismissed as simple folds of skin and mucosa that do little more than protect the glans penis. At worst, this tissue is seen as a health health hazard that can be avoided by circumcision.

Not surprisingly, articles and editorials on the advantages and disadvantages of circumcision consistently fail to discuss the foreskin as sensitive nerve-laden tissue worthy of preservation.


Circumcision Reduces Sexual Pleasure in Men
A new study claims to find that men who have had their foreskin removed as children or as adults enjoy less intense sexual pleasure and orgasm than men who have not.


Effect of Circumcision on Erectile Function, Sensitivity, Sexual Function and Satisfaction
Men circumcised as adults are potentially in a unique position to comment on the effect of a prepuce (foreskin) on sexual intercourse. We examine sexual function outcomes in men who have experienced sexual intercourse in the uncircumcised and circumcised states.

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Circumcision Reduces Sexual Pleasure by Making the Penis Less Sensitive
This study found that men circumcised as children or adults experience less intense sexual pleasure and orgasm than their peers. British doctors say that while circumcision can reduce the risk of some types of infection the risks associated with routine circumcision outweigh any potential benefits.



Interesting Tidbits

Did the Institute of Medicine Miscalculate the RDA for Vitamin-D?

The Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for many vitamins and minerals is usually defined by the Institute of Medicine (IOM). Sometimes however, the RDA is based on values specifically known to prevent deficiency disease, but not to support optimal health. Many natural health practitioners prefer to use the Optimal Daily Allowance (ODA) values determined by anecdotal experience and research.


This PLOS article discusses the importance of taking body size and weight into account when attempting to determine the optimal levels of Vitamin D for good health, suggesting the IOM set the RDA for Vitamin D too low.  





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Is Infant Circumcision Really Necessary?