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Male Aging - Loss of Libido (No Sex Drive or Desire)

When a man's desire for intimacy is lost it often causes serious problems for both him and his partner. A loss of libido, particularly for a man that had a relatively high libido in the past can be devastating to a relationship.  Often, the man's partner can begin to feel neglected, unloved, or rejected, when the problem is not that her man doesn't love her any longer, but more that his need for sexual intimacy has simply diminished. Barring psychological or other health problems, loss of libido in an aging male is almost always due to low free testosterone levels.  

Normal aging causes a decline in free testosterone and low testosterone levels can cause depression. Often, a man seeking help is prescribed antidepressants for his depressed condition rather than treated for his low testosterone levels. 

This can easily trap him in a vicious cycle. His low testosterone levels cause depression as well as a decrease in libido. If his depression is treated with antidepressants, his libido may decrease even more, and he may also experience medication-related erectile dysfunction, further increasing his depression and compounding his problems.

Treating his low testosterone may fix both the depression and libido problems but this is not always done.

Disruption of hormone levels, particularly when testosterone levels are low, can result in poor sexual function and loss of libido. However, while low testosterone levels can affect erectile performance, more often erectile dysfunction is a side effect of other health conditions or treatment for them.

Many men who suffer from erectile dysfunction or loss of libido turn to the internet in search of a solution. Often products are tried that do little except relieve the man from some of his money and increase his frustration.  

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Claims made about products that enhance libido or improve sexual performance are often false or highly exaggerated, and some products may actually cause adverse effects.

There are some herbs and nutrients that help increase libido, and while doing so they also improve a man's prostate and overall health.

While the prostate has much to do with sexual performance, it is only one member of a complex chorus. Generally, good health is crucial for a manís sexual ability. When health starts to wane, be it prostate or overall health, deterioration in sexual performance is not far behind.

Medications for depression, high blood pressure, and pain relief have a long history of causing sexual problems, both by reducing libido and causing erectile dysfunction.

If you are on antidepressants and you suffer from loss of libido or erectile dysfunction, consult with your doctor about possibly switching to a different drug or using some of the herbs, like saw palmetto, yohimbe,  muria puama, tribulus, or ginseng that are listed in the Supplements section. 

There are many other herbs and nutrients that may also help increase your libido and your sexual ability.  A full discussion,  along with the science behind them can be found in my book, Your Prostate, Your Libido, Your Life.

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