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Books - About This Section

This section is divided into several categories of different books you can purchase.  All book purchases here are processed through Amazon.com.  Clicking on the book's image  takes you to directly to the selected book on Amazon.

Clicking the "Buy from Amazon" button at the bottom of the graphic will add the item to your Amazon cart. Please note that I have no control over this process.  Amazon handles all charges and shipping.

My book, Your Prostate, Your Libido, Your Life can be purchased either directly from ProstateHealthNaturally.com (this website) by clicking the link above or you can buy it from Amazon.com or any other on-line bookseller or bookstore.  You can request a copy signed by me only if you but it from this website through the book title's link above.

I have personally reviewed all books listed in this section and my comments are listed beside the book's graphic. However, I caution you to use your discretion. Books in this genre do not always have much corresponding science behind their recommendations.  

You can also order prostate-specific supplements from this site.  Note that orders for supplements are NOT processed by Amazon, they are processed directly on this site by PayPal. See the Supplements section for more information.