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Links - About This Section

The "links" section of this website provides you with a quick way to find information from various websites.  There are many health related websites  that provide valuable information.  However, there are others of questionable value, often with misleading or incorrect information. 

While I cannot vouch for the content of all of the sites listed here, I have reviewed each of the sites listed here, and selected only those that, in my option, present accurate  information without being overly commercial.

The pages in this section are divided into various categories based on the site's primary content.  In many cases, the sites are pretty general and their content overlaps several categories. Many of the sites have links that lead you to other areas or sites of related interest, so you can usually find what you want. 

The sites listed here present a wealth of information about about vitamins, herbs, nutrition, and many alternative modalities you may want to evaluate and review.

Within each sub-grouping,  the site is presented with a short description, similar to the arrangement in the appendix of my book. Clicking on the name of the site opens it in a new browser window. 

I have no financial interest or control over any of these websites and listing them here is not an endorsement. Use your discretion. 

This page is updated regularly as I find new sites with valuable information for us aging baby boomers.