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Green tea may cut prostate cancer risk: Japan study
TOKYO (Reuters), Wed Dec 19, 2007

Drinking green tea may reduce the risk of advanced prostate cancer, according to a study by researchers at Japan's National Cancer Center. men who drank five or more cups a day might halve the risk of developing advanced prostate cancer compared with those who drank less than one cup a day.

Components of Green tea inhibit proliferation of human  cancer cells.
Cancer letters, Vol. 245(1-2), pgs 232-241 Jan. 2007
Thangapazham RL, Singh AK, et al.

Tea intake is second only to water in terms of worldwide popularity as a beverage. This link is to an abstract of a study of the effects of various polyphenol components of green tea that have been shown to have a protective effect in prostate cancer and breast cancer in various pre-clinical animal models and has been reported to be effective in several other cancer types as well.


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