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News - About This Section

This section leads you to news stories and articles related to various health concerns that are located on this and other websites. 

You may also want to check our newsletter archive for additional health related articles

The menu on the left side is divided into several categories to make it easier to find the subject you are looking for. Articles in each section are listed chronologically with the newest on top.

When you click a menu option on the left, it brings you to the top of the page for that subsection where you will see a table of contents containing the titles of all articles on the page.

Clicking any item in the table of contents brings you an abbreviated description of the article, along with any comments I may have made about it.  From there, clicking the highlighted item title will link you directly to a new window containing the entire original article. The original window will remain in the background.

In some cases, (like articles on Medscape), you may be asked to register with the site.  This is a simple process and need only be done once.  Once you register, you can view any of the free articles on the site.  I have tried to avoid sites that do not have substantial free content.

Please note that for items from other sources and I am only providing a link to them for educational purposes. I have no connection to these sites except to use them for research and I am not responsible for the content of the links. Each item is reviewed before posting to make sure it is pertinent to the theme of this website. Please use your discretion. This information is provided for education only.