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Supplements - Home Saliva Hormone Test Kits

Personal Home Saliva Hormone Profile Kit
From Diagnos-Tech Laboratories  (for men or women)
Product image - Home Saliva Hormone Test Kit The home saliva test kit is an easy to use, salivary test kit that permits men and women to test  their hormone levels privately at home.  You simply collect a saliva sample in one or more tubes and mail it to the laboratory.  
† Saliva testing is a simple, private, non-invasive and effective way to test your hormone levels before beginning a rebalancing program and to monitor your levels during such a program.  More Info.

The kit is shipped with everything you need including collection tubes, instructions, and a pre-addressed  mailing box. You simply collect your saliva in the tube, seal it and mail it to the laboratory. In about 10-14 days you will receive your results via email or phone at your option. There are no shipping charges for a kit, but you are responsible for mailing the sample to the lab. 

There are three male panels and five female panels that make it convenient to measure a standard grouping of hormones.  If you are not sure which panel to order feel free to call us at 239-652-0421 and we will be happy to help you decide.

You can also order any one or more of the individual hormone tests shown below separately, but it is far more economical to order a panel. If you want to test hormones that are not part of a listed panel, please call. 

All panels include a short telephone or email consultation.  For more information about a panel, click the "More Info" link below the panel description.

Note: Other saliva hormone panels are available that are not shown here. If you have special needs, contact us for more information.    Click here for General Hormone Info. 

Note2: We have many hormone boosting creams and bio-identical hormone skin creams available. Click here for Hormone Cream information

Panels below are for men only.

Basic Male Hormone Panel - $195.00
More Info.  
Expanded Male Panel - $225.00
More Info.  

Individual tests are for men or women.

Testosterone Only - $68.00
More Info.   
DiHydrotestosterone (DHT) $68.00   More Info.
Progesterone Only - $68.00  
More Info.
Dehydroepiandrosterone (2 tests DHEA and DHEA-s) - $85.00
More Info.
17B-Estradiol Only - $68.00
More Info.
Estrone Only - $68.00  
More Info.
Estriol Only - $68.00 
More Info. 
Androstenedione Only - $68.00
More Info.  
Cortisol Only - $65.00
More Info.  

Note: Panels below are for women only.

Basic Cycling Female Hormone Panel (11 samples) - $355.00  
More Info.  
Expanded Cycling Female Hormone  Panel (11 samples) - $450.00
More Info.   
Peri-Menopausal Female Hormone Panel(2 samples) - $220.00
More Info.   
Post Menopausal Female Panel
(one sample) - $195.00
More Info.   
Expanded Post Menopausal Female Panel (one sample) - $210.00
More Info.   

Note: Panel below is for Men or women.

Adrenal Stress Index Panel (four samples) - $220.00  
More Info.  


†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These supplements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.